Monday, December 12, 2016

CBSA December meeting recap:


The December monthly meeting was held.  Roger, Dave, Jay, Art, Logan and Jim attended.  Jay opened the meeting.  Business was done efficiently.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:30PM.

Election of officers (for 2017 - 2018) will be held at the next meeting. 


Section 1.  Officers  All officers must be members of the club in good standing. These offices shall be filled according to these Bylaws.  The officers of the Club shall be
a.     President, who shall also be the Chairman of the Board of Directors
b.     Vice-president
c.      Secretary, who shall also be Secretary of the Board of Directors
d.     Treasurer. 
Section 2.  Term of Officers.
a.     The term of each office shall be for two (2) years
1.     Elected in odd years. (2003, 2005 etc)

b.   New officers will be effective on the first day of February each election year.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Range closure......


Please post on your respective sites that the pistol range shall be
closed from 4:00PM - 6:00 PM Sunday the 28th and the 31st at the same
time. This is for training total novices, all women most of which have
never fired a weapon; an audience is the last thing they would need. I
will provide an assortment of firearms and ammo so they can choose what
caliber and type they feel most comfortable with and possibly purchase.
I appreciate your cooperation.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Thirteen members were present at the January Annual Business meeting Monday, January  11, 2016 held at the Cut Bank Airport Terminal Bldg. at 7PM.
A quorum was present.
New members were presented and approved.
Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
The monthly treasurer's report was given and approved.
A report from the Indoor range committee given. It may be possible to obtain a new location for the indoor range.  Art will follow up on that.
Old Business:
Jim made a motion to reconsider the tabled motion to give Honorary Lifetime Membership to Mike, Henry, Shane, Don, and John J. for their extraordinary contributions to the building of the range.  Motion was passed.
"G" presented, for consideration, a new type of format for a handgun fun shoot. A show of hands was taken to show support.  G will arrange for the shoot when circumstances are favorable.
New Business:
FWP grant application season is open.  Jim will check out the application process and Roger, Art and Don were selected to write up a project description to include excavation along with leveling and parking lots improvements.
Election of Directors:
Logan, Shane, G, were nominated.  Vote was taken and all three were elected to the 2016-17 term of directors.
Jay gave his annual secretary's report. 
The regular annual meeting was adjourned.
Annual directors meeting was held immediately following the membership meeting.
Five directors were present.
Plans were made to:
Have a financial audit at the close of our fiscal year, June 30, 2016.
It was planned to use a service company for future toilet and toilet maintenance.
Reactive targets suggested for the future.
The directors meeting adjourned.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


Our annual business meeting will be held Jan. 11, 2016 at the Cut Bank Airport Terminal Bldg. at 7PM.
Business and election of directors will be held. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Minutes of the October 12th regular meeting.

Minutes for October 12, 2015
Six members of the board and two members were present. 
Art motioned to accept new members, Jay 2nd,d; new members accepted.
Art gave the treasurer’s report, Jay motioned to accept the report Shane 2nd’d; motion passed.
Jay gave the secretary’s report for August, Roger motioned to accept the report, Logan 2nd,d; report accepted.
OLD BUSINESS:  Sight in day produced about 20 shooters which included some family groups.  Most showed up late in the day.  Jim mentioned fairness of giving a life membership for work to be done to Pat Walters since several people have already donated funds, labor and equipment for range development; for example Shane S., Mike B., Don B., and Henry Alme.  Jim motioned to give the same benefit to all who have donated substantially, Jay 2nd,d, after further discussion the motion was tabled but all agreed that a benefit from the club should be the same for all. 
NEW BUSINESS: Cut Bank PD is looking for a package deal for the whole department.  If we make a deal for the PD it would have to apply to all groups or at least all law enforcement looking for a package rate.  Shane motioned to give all active, certified law enforcement officers a 25% discount on membership fees, Roger 2nd,d, motion passed. 
We will rent the downstairs archery range for a winter league but will not have open memberships.  4-H will also have use of the range.  Art motioned to donate five dozen arrows to 4-H since they are paying for new targets.  Jim 2nd,d, motioned passes.  Logan will check on insurance coverage by the church for their youth group to use the indoor archery range. 
Jay filed the federal tax form and is also filling out form for coverage of the pistol bay from the insurance company.  We estimate replacement cost to be about $30,000.  (14x70’)  
Jim motioned to adjourn the meeting, Art 2nd,d, meeting adjourned. 
Submitted by
Jay Welch